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Crafting Unforgettable Experiences, One City at a Time!

Step into a world of bespoke celebrations and journeys with The Event Broker, your gateway to extraordinary experiences in the vibrant landscapes of Budapest and the dynamic cityscape of London.

Guided by Max, who hails from Budapest and now resides in the UK, we blend deep local insights with international expertise.

Whether planning corporate events, unforgettable birthday bashes, or enriching family trips, The Event Broker crafts unique, memorable experiences that fuse thrilling activities with cultural immersion.

Corporate Retreats: Business and Pleasure in Iconic Cities

Embark on a distinctive corporate holiday with The Event Broker, where business meets pleasure against the backdrops of Budapest’s historic charm and London’s dynamic energy. Our exclusive corporate packages are perfected by Max’s unique blend of local expertise and international flair. Dive into tailored itineraries that blend professional development with cultural excursions, vibrant city explorations, and hidden local gems. Elevate your corporate travel with seamless logistics and bespoke experiences that ensure productivity and excitement go hand-in-hand.

Birthday Celebrations: Make Every Year a Landmark

Celebrate in style with The Event Broker’s Birthday Bash packages in Budapest or London. Each celebration is an art form, tailored by Max to enrich your special day with a mix of local charm and vibrant festivities. From lively cityscape adventures to exclusive cultural experiences, our birthday packages promise a unique celebration in some of the world’s most exciting cities. Let us handle the details while you and your guests create memories that will last a lifetime.

Family Adventures: Cherished Moments in Captivating Cities

Take your family on an exceptional journey with The Event Broker, where we curate unforgettable experiences in either the cultural charm of Budapest or the family-friendly allure of London. Our exclusive family packages, thoughtfully designed by Max, blend fun, education, and relaxation to create a perfect holiday experience. Navigate through enchanting cityscapes, engage in enjoyable activities, and discover hidden gems with Max as your personal guide. Elevate your family trips with The Event Broker, crafting enduring memories in the world’s most captivating cities.


£6 per person (min 30 people)*

  • A welcome prosecco or beer
  • Branded spirits
  • Choose 5 cocktails from our extensive list
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Pay bar with professional mixologists
  • Pay Bar afterwards || Cocktails priced at £10 each


£27 per person (min 30 people)*

  • 3 cocktails per person
  • Branded spirits
  • Choose 5 cocktails from our extensive list
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Pay bar with professional mixologists
  • Pay Bar afterwards || Cocktails priced at £10 each


From £40 per person (min 20 people)

  • Branded spirits
  • Choose 3 cocktails from our extensive list
  • Unlimited cocktails
  • Professional mixologists
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Other drinks on request
  • Additonal £5 pp to include other drinks (beer, wine, spirits & mixers, prosecco etc)

Dry Bar Hire

Quotations on request

We Provide:

  • Bar Hire
  • Fruit & Garnishes
  • Bespoke Cocktail / Drinks Menu
  • 4 hours duration (Extensions available on request)
  • Set up, Breakdown & Cleaning up
  • All Bar Equipment & Glassware
  • Help you to discuss the quantities
  • Travel costs & service fee
  • NOT PROVIDED: Drinks, mixers, purees & ingredients

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